Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MMP Review!!!

Last Tuesday the Electoral Commission launched it's review of MMP. They are looking at seven issues:

- the thresholds for the allocation of list seats

- list members contesting by-elections

- the rules allowing candidates to both contest an electorate and be on a party list

- the rules for ordering candidates on party lists

- the effect of a party winning more electorate seats than its party vote share entitles it to

- the effects of the ratio of electorate seats to list seats on proportionality in certain circumstances

- other matters referred to the Commission by the Minister of Justice or Parliament

Over the next few weeks I will offer my opinions and ideas on these issues.

Disclaimer: I voted to retain MMP at the election and campaigned for it's retention (By wearing my nifty Keep Calm and Vote MMP t-shirt while out and about).

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