Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Monbiot

The latest from George Monbiot:
The unbiblical and ahistorical nature of the modern Christian cult of the nuclear family is a marvel rare to behold. Those who promote it are followers of a man born out of wedlock and allegedly sired by someone other than his mother's partner.

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  1. Mmmmmm Far me it from me to disagree with the righteous Monbiot but his treatment of the topic is a bit surface. yes okay, he read three good books but each of those feed in to his views and don't provide any challenges to his way of thinking. Intellectually sloppy!! And I don't disagree with him over idealised family norms but there's just not enough depth in his commentary. What makes this sort of topic interesting is the study of official records in different periods over births, deaths and marriages. And he needs to think more about class, I know he talks about servant class but misses out on the nuances of service guilds, clerks etc... He also doesn't make any interesting comments on gender and wow a little cross cultural thinking is always a gem. More rigor please