Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is Ad-blocking stealing? has an interesting piece on the use of Ad-blocking software.
If the advertising isn't too over the top then I'm usually prepared to disable AdBlock Plus on specific sites to support them. I guess that leads into the big question here - if you block the ads, are you "stealing" the content? You could ask the same about skipping ads in television shows. It's a grey area and everyone tends to draw their own moral line in the sand.
I've been using ad-blocking software for years now and I am of the opinion that it isn't stealing. People are entitled to use advertising to support their sites but that puts no obligation on you to look at and read it. And if you take the next step and simply block it that is fine. I can't imagine anyone considers it stealing to mute ads while watching TV.

If you use ad-blocking software the one thing to consider is the future of the content you use. Online advertising will be an increasingly important revenue stream for many businesses in the future (it already is for some), if the uptake of ad-blocking software continues it makes this business model less viable and the content you take for granted may disappear.

Not sure what the fuss is? Head over to or and have a look. You may not be able to believe the difference.

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