Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why the Monarchy is good for New Zealand. Say what???

Monarchy NZ's Chairman Dr Sean Palmer has a piece in the Herald today about why the Monarchy is good for New Zealand. Unfortunately it is little more than a puff piece, heavy on platitudes and very light on facts.
Our democracy, with our constitutional monarchy at its foundation, is one of the most successful in the world....The monarchy has a stabilising effect on our constitution and a growing number of scholars are acknowledging its role as a constitutional safeguard
Unfortunately Dr Palmer appears to have forgotten to link to these esteemed scholars, which is lucky considering they probably don't exist. The Monarchy offers no constitutional safeguard whatsoever. The Monarch's singular duty is to appoint the Governor General on the exclusive advice of the Prime Minister of the day. I would argue that our democracy is one of the most successful in the world in spite of the Monarchy. Monarchies in essence are anti-democratic after all.
It drew the world's attention to many of New Zealand's industries, people, and its arts and culture. As with all royal tours, the world's media watched closely. This tour raised New Zealand's profile on the world stage and offered great publicity to our national industries.
I am going to be a little lazy here and admit that I can't be bothered to investigate this claim. It smells suspiciously of bullshit however. I imagine the Hobbit has provided a lot more free advertising than the latest Royal tour, most of it outside the gossip pages as well.
This trip has further enhanced the warm relationship Prince Charles has with New Zealand. He has maintained close contact with many New Zealand organisations and individuals throughout his life. Not only does he know New Zealand well
This drives me nuts. What relationship with New Zealand??? As far as I can tell Prince Charles has only ever visited New Zealand seven times, he has never lived here, he has spent hardly any time with the people of this country. Know it well, he barely knows New Zealand at all. I would also love some specifics on the organisations and individuals.

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