Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Back in late 2009 I lived in a run down hostel just off Brick Lane in the East End of London. I was there for three weeks and during this time I shared a room with three others. One of these three was a Malian by the name of Adama. He had recently completed a masters degree in France and was coming to the end of six months in London where he was improving his English. He had been living in the hostel for that entire time and had not seen his girlfriend and daughter in over two years.

I was searching for a job at the time and in the evenings we would often spend time discussing our countries, what they were like to live in and the political situation. One of the possibilities Adama was considering upon his return to Mail was entering politics.

So it was disappointing to hear today that on the 22nd of March there was a coup in Mali. With junior army officers overthrowing the democratically elected government. Mali is a complex country with more than a few problems but it was seen as a reasonably stable democracy in West Africa.

Unfortunately but not unsurprisingly the New Zealand media has given very little coverage to the coup. Luckily the Guardian is here, providing this piece from Andy Morgan:
Mali's reputation as a beacon of democracy and stability in west Africa was extinguished late on Wednesday night, when a group of young army officers stormed the presidential palace in the capital Bamako and announced that they were suspending the constitution and taking power....
If I hear anything from Adama I will let you know.

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