Friday, July 20, 2012

A Puff of Smoke

Everybody knows that multi-national corporations can be vile, disgusting creatures. Arms manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and finance companies toe a very fine line between right and wrong. But surely the worst are tobacco companies: they sell a deadly product which is extremely addictive and yet completely legal.

Across the western world they are facing increasing restrictions on their products and in turn their profits.

In New Zealand the major issues facing tobacco companies are increased tax, outdoor smoking bans, retail display bans and plain packaging.

And here in New Zealand Philip Morris Tobacco is fighting back. They have launched a website
to gather opinions from smokers on these key issues and use them to lobby the government to stop and roll back regulation.

The great thing is that anybody can register. So why not share with them your views on the disgusting products they manufacture and the harm they do to our society!

Note: I am often loathe to see governments restrict the personal freedoms of their citizens. I mean why shouldn't a grown adult, responsible for their own choices and actions be allowed to smoke tobacco. But in this case I feel the negative effects of smoking outweighs this, particularly the effect on children.

I don't know if I support an outright ban as the best solution. I would probably prefer to see a ban on nicotine first and see how many people kept smoking. We probably wouldn't even need a ban after that.


  1. As a young smoker I know brand really used to count. As I got older, cost became a factor. And then I got even older, and my health began to count more - and that won in the end.

    Changing the packaging does not stop you choosing you favourite brand. Your smokes are still gonna be on the shelf, they will just look less sexy and cool.

    Should it be more difficult for an international company to murder people for profit - I'd like to think so.

    1. I imagine the packaging was an important part of developing your favourite brand though?

  2. Oh and check out the NBR article from Rodney Hyde on the topic - the comments are excellent.

    Coincidentally there is a link to the article from the Phillip Morris site.