Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympic Spirit

The 2012 London Olympic Games kicked off over the weekend (I know that technically the first events started last week, but it doesn't truly start until the opening ceremony).

I can't remember back to the Beijing opening ceremony but I thought Danny Boyle's was pretty darn good. And despite my aversion to her constitutional role in NZ, I had to admit it was great of Liz Windsor to appear with James Bond.

Even Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean (A character I have never liked) was incredibly well done and Becks driving the flame along the Thames was great. I imagine most people assumed that the E3 on Dizzee Rascal's jacket was a brand name, so I felt it was quite the privilege to know that it is actually the postcode of the borough where he grew up and these Olympics are being hosted. I suppose the only major criticism is how long you have to wait to see the NZ team come out.

But the events are what people really want to see and monopolistic evil bastards they might be but Sky have really delivered on this stage. We have six entire channels devoted to the games, all showing different sports and it is fantastic. I have never watched Archery before but found myself absorbed by it yesterday. And when I tired of that I switched over to judo and peppered my flatmate with questions about it, he took a year of ju-jitsu so is the flat expert in my eyes.

And it just goes on and on for the next couple of weeks. Bring on the Kiwi medals!

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