Friday, July 20, 2012

Chill Out

Yesterday Jacinda Ardern made a joke about Hamilton:
Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson says having identical homes could bring down the costs of building new houses but he told the social services select committee that New Zealanders might not be ready for such a culture change.

Labour MP Jacinda Ardern said the concept already existed in New Zealand. “It’s called Hamilton.
It's a great gag. But the Waikato Times reports, some Hamiltonians are upset:
Her remarks have drawn return fire from several local politicians, including city councillor Dave Macpherson who said that the ''foolish swipe at Hamilton by a little-known Labour party hack would have been more hurtful to the city, had it been made by a representative of a more relevant party, such as the Greens.'' Councillor Angela O'Leary jeered at the comment online as tacky and unfounded.
Obviously they can't take a joke. Incidentally Ardern is from the Waikato so this isn't some big city elite picking on the little people. And speaking of little known who the hell is Dave Macpherson?

Then there is this gem from Mayor Julie Hardaker:
Hamilton is often the butt of jokes but anyone that has been to Hamilton knows it's a great place.

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